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*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtagI am NOT Groot - I am Banu - cehck out the Star Citizen ATV episode for more details.

*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtagJust a heads up Star Citizen 3.0 is planned for end of June 2017 - three moons to land on and walk around. Should be a blast.
Two more updates after June planned this year to extend the Stanton system and the items/tools for use. Cargo missions can be completed with 3.0
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*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtagCE Australia / Oceania servers a re finally up and if you want to get some official in-game real estate now's the time, cos its going to get snapped up fast.
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*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtagworks good......... "I like it" " I like it a lot"
*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtag  Remember how someone "not mentioning names" used to have a problem with popping off smoke prematurely, well now you can prematurely pop rocks.
Apparently you can even launch bodies and explosive urns on this thing, but have not tried that yet.
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*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtagsiege weapons in Conan Exiles.... get your rocks off......of the sling to hit your enemies walls.

no too long, get your rocks off....and over the wall

no still not right, get your rocks off.....
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*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtagWhat about this then ? since no one is interested in Conan or Blackwake.
Is everyone AWOL ?
Play Hellion
Hellion is a first person multiplayer space survival game set in a persistent sandbox universe.
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*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtag  now, why does that style of gameplay look familiar?
*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtagHi.

no-one, ok then,

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*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtag[link]
This might be something we could all play as a group.
Its serious but fun, like Battlefield 1942 meets Black Sails meets Monty Python.
Blackwake Official Site
Blackwake is a multiplayer team-based shooter centered around naval battles for PC and Mac. Set during the Age of Sail, Blackwake focuses largely on team-based tactics and overall ...
*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtagCE devs are working on a patch so that NPC archers can actually hit a barn door wooooo hoooooo.

Apparently the Asian servers are been rolled out now, and its not going so smoove.
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*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtagPotential locations for "Nakedpeoples clan" base relocation.
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*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtag  nicely done - how about that link i sent you, there is a map that allows markers etc to be shared.
*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtagYesterday when we ventured to the brimstone cave and killed all the thralls guarding it, we did the right thing by slaughtering that priest.
At the time it didn't dawn on me that he was worshipping at a Mitra alter.
Last night thinking about it, in his right hand he was holding a Mitra cross, so if we had taking him as slave, he would have been off be no use to us.
But next time we go back there we should have one person harvest brimstone and the other should use the Yogite blades and harvest their flesh to make pristine food back at base. Then we can fully ditch the animal meat. And become 100% cannibal with no food been wasted cos it goes putrid too quick.
All glory to Yog & Set.
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*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtag  don't forget to take their hearts for the antidote to something yet unknown
*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtag  found out the following -
(Red antidote vial) is a counter to snake & scorpion venom attack.
(Aloe vial) is a health re generator.
(Yelow lotus vial) gives the option to reset all skill points.
(Purple vial) is a quick cure-all for everything - not sure of the recipie or where to craft this though.
*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtagFor those interested, this will be worth a look to see if it is what the book-reading stuff says about it.
In the For Honor™ Beta, enter the chaos of war as a bold Knight, brutal Viking, or deadly Samurai, three of the greatest legacies of warriors. This Beta will feature a selection of...
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