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*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtagLiberation server has been updated to the latest mission - all progress had to be wiped.
There is a new resource gathering dynamic added, this involves creatinjg storage containers at FOB's to gather the resources on the map (crates) when capturing towns. Take them to the FOB and 'store' them to build units and vehicles. each FOB has its own resource total, so one FOB might not have any but the next one might have heaps.

Early days but looks like it will add a little something to the game.

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*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtag  Is it possible to separate gained resources into squads that acutally earn them.
To prevent what happend last weekend with those TK'er idiots spawning gear whenever they wanted depleting hard earned resources.
*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtag  Not sure, its early days. i'm thinking it might not b wise to allow full control for all players.... construction is supposed to be locked out, but with no commander whitelisting maye that's why anyone can join - I'll look into it.

also dissension had a new patch released so I'll be testing out the new mission in the nextfew days to see what has changed. very likely that one will be more enjoyable. even though it has more AI on the same side that they can TK you...
*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtagIs anyone heading to the DANGER ZONE and TOPGUNning this weekend.
Jets is out tomorrow.

Goose: The defense department regrets to inform you that your sons are dead because they were stupid.

Jester: That was some of the best flying I've seen to date - right up to the part where you got killed.

Ha ha thought that movie was so good, look back now , yeah, not so much.

oh oh history lesson coming up ........
The enemies in that movie were flying F25 Tigersharks, the US designed those in the 70's and licensed the manufacturing rights to allied countries to enable them to have reasonable air defence on a budget to compete with communist countries.
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*SPG* DuxNutz tagtagtagtag  On the fence .. is this worth the money ??
*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtag  keeps things fresh without the risk of other mods that can break the game. the bundle is better but wait for a special price that will come up in the future - just not sure when
*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtag  its worth it just for the animations and the great sounds,
Flat out the wasp can reach 1300 km/h breaking through the sound barrier causing ground troops to pee themselves.
Carrier flight ops are cool and you launch off the catapult. and then head back to land with the, but dont forget to use the tail hook.
The weopan animations rock, squeeze the trigger and they drop off the underwing pylon and then the rocket motor kicks in VVVVVRROOOOOOMMMMMM .
Get it bro, then we can be top gun buddies. And find the onramp that leads to the highway to the DANGER ZONE.
*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtagOh look another new ship for SC - more concept $ALE$ incoming.....
*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtag  unhappy face....middle finger....unhappy face.....suck my %$^.
*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtag  what 250 for a fighter bomber, not me....
*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtagWorht a look - in infancy and currently on Tanoa for test mission...

What is Dissension?
Dissension is a grand CTI with a focus on resource collecting, character leveling, base constructing, and out thinking the enemy. Dissension offers a unique experience when it comes to capture-the-island missions by challenging the players with AI commanders that try to outsmart you at every turn. AI commanders are assigned random personalities and traits that heavily influence the course of battle
Players are just another tool that the AI commanders have in their arsenal. Players can choose to follow the orders given by their commander, assault territory, do supply runs, fortify positions, destroy enemy supply lines, or anything else they desire. The ultimate goal is destruction of the enemy commander.
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*SPG* DuxNutz tagtagtagtag  check it out :)
*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtagWould this be anyones cup of tea ? it reminds me a bit of the old BF2 Vientnam Redux, which was fun to play, "a big pile of crap" but still a lot of fun to play. Final Beta testing is underway currently and it will be out soon. It has toe poppers & tripwires come on, who doesn't like tripwires for fucks sake.
Save 25% on Rising Storm 2: Vietnam on Steam
Red Orchestra Series' take on Vietnam: 64-player MP matches; 16-player Skirmish; M16, M79, Hueys and Attack Helicopters; the AK, Double-Barrel Shotguns, Toe-Popper Mines, Tripwires...
*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtag  i might pass - not enough time to play again....more info on forums.
*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtagAuto restarts on Arma server now functioning again - stupid 64 bit executable file....
*SPG* DuxNutz tagtagtagtagPlaced FOB at Airfield.... Needs work.
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*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtag  nicely done - sorry if server dropped out - windows update decided to run at the wrong time again. can't seem to turn this off for some reason.
*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtag  uploaded an image to Scenery
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*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtag  uploaded 2 images to Our Arma 3
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*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtagJOIN US

RSI have done it again, i just love the free advertising they are giving us....
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*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtagCheck out the Star Citizen page when you geta chance - even the DEvs want people to "Join Us" - the picture below was in the last ATV video, how cool of them.
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*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtagA3 DLC Bundle 2 - (Jets, Orange, Tactical & Tanks) on sale now on Steam.
25 % off costs $ 34.99.
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*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtag  BTW that's nzd so for aussies take off half-ish
*SPG* DuxNutz tagtagtagtag
Arma 3 - Aircraft Carrier Reveal Trailer
The Arma 3 Jets DLC is scheduled for take-off on May 16th 20...
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*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtag  I have already purchased my ticket. - planning to get more time back on Arma in preparation for the new DLC's and also the Patrol ops 4 release around June. Should be good fun.

Good to see you posting news again Duxy.
*SPG* DuxNutz tagtagtagtag  9.7 GB Arma 3 update... Been awhile
*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtag  Looking forward to getting jets dlc, malden dlc, tanks dlc and orange dlc. In a nutshell, ""bout dam time you slack european surrender monkeys"".All phoenix units are been recalled to active duty. Leaves over. Battalion HQ has specified several weekend sessions of KOTH to get SPG back to fighting condition. Put your real lives on hold. We have important job to do. MERICA B-)
*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtagI am NOT Groot - I am Banu - cehck out the Star Citizen ATV episode for more details.

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*SPG* pudding77 tagtagtagtag  so ugly , we would be doing them a favour blasting them with space lasers :)
*SPG* KevsNoTrev tagtagtagtagJust a heads up Star Citizen 3.0 is planned for end of June 2017 - three moons to land on and walk around. Should be a blast.
Two more updates after June planned this year to extend the Stanton system and the items/tools for use. Cargo missions can be completed with 3.0
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